Agency banking in the DRC


The development of networks of banking agents, also known as "retail banks," is underway in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Such networks aim to promote financial inclusion by acting as intermediaries between bank branches and customers at all levels.

A background study carried out by Target Sarl analyzed Agency Banking in the DRC. Among other things, the study examines the regulations of the Central Bank of Congo, the conditions required to become a banking agent, authorized and prohibited operations, available digital products and their functionalities, SWOT, and open banking in the DRC.

A banking agent is any natural or legal person carrying out a commercial activity in the name and on behalf of a bank under a written contract. Operations carried out by a banking agent include the deposit and withdrawal of money, bill payments, local transfers, account statements, the collection of documents relating to account opening, loan, credit, and debit card applications, as well as checkbook and insurance requests.

Within the framework of Agency Banking in the DRC, banks, microfinance institutions, and telecom operators offer several products. Some of these are Equity-BCDC Express (Equity BCDC), Finca eXpress Full options (Finca), Xpress point (Ecobank), Pepele Mobile (Trust Merchant Bank), FBN money (First Bank RDC), Cahi Digital (COOPEC CAHI), Smico Cash (SMICO), Guilgal Cash (SM Guigal SA), Afrimoney Africell, Airtel Money, Mpesa and Orange money.

While digitalization is a significant opportunity in the Agency Banking market, insecurity and urban banditry are dangerous for banking agents in some areas.

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