Banking: according to a Target survey, 12% of urban Congolese have a bank account



Congolese market research firm Target conducted a study in March on bank account and ATM card ownership across the country. Few Congolese living in urban areas have a bank account and an ATM card. In addition, there are many inactive accounts.

This survey, which occurred in the 26 provincial capitals of the Democratic Republic of Congo, revealed that 12% of Congolese have a bank account. And of the 12% of bank account holders, 79% have an ATM card. Those aged 50 and over constitute 20% of bank account holders, aged 35 to 49 16%, those aged 25 to 34 12%, and those aged 18 to 24 only 5%. In addition, 15% of men have a bank account compared to 9% of women.

Among the 12% of bank account holders, high-income earners represent 44% of active accounts. Middle-income earners are 34% of those with active accounts. Only 9% of low-income Congolese have an active account.

Nine banks are sharing 12% of Congolese living in urban areas bank accounts. TMB leads the way by managing 31% of clients. Rawbank has got 27% and Equity BCDC 23% for the top three. The other six banks are Ecobank 7%, FBN Bank, Afriland First Bank 5%, Access Bank 2% like Advans Bank, and Bank Of Africa 1%.

The survey also shows that 79% of bank account holders have an ATM card. However, here the trend is reversed with very high ownership of ATM cards among the youngest. 79% of 18 to 24-year-olds have ATM cards, while the 50+ age group is only 22%. Among 25 to 34-year-olds, 19% of account holders have an ATM card and 23% of 35 to 49-year-olds. Women have the highest rate of ATM card ownership at 81%, while men are at 77%. In the highest income category, 93% have ATM cards. In the middle-income variety, 81% have ATM cards.

Rawbank distributed the most ATM cards, with 33%. Equity BCDC takes second place with 27%, and TMB closes the top three with 26%. 7% for Eco bank and Fbn Bank, 3% for Afriland First Bank, and 1% for Advans Bank and Bank of Africa.

Target constituted the sample for this survey with 2,000 people and interviewed them face-to-face using smartphones. The methods used are those of quotas: age group, gender, and province.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 12:55