The best employees and collaborators in 2020


Target organizes a ceremony at the beginning of each year to celebrate its employees and external collaborators who have been outstanding during the ended year. The ceremony will not take place because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Nevertheless, Target has partially upheld the tradition by appointing its best employees.

In the Permanent Staff category there are Benjamin Mukini, Saleh Sikofu and Carine Kabundi.

Benjamin is celebrated for his very purposeful side, his high sense of responsibility during the year 2020. He listens to others, he is enthusiasm at work, honest, calm, focused at work. These qualities make him a very good collaborator for his colleagues.

He is conscious and able to supervise work even when his supervisor Blaise Pezo is not at work. The team also highly appreciated him: for being a good role model, co-operative with other departments employees, effective in communication, dynamic, helpful, competent and always available when needed.

Saleh is very professional and very diligent in his (old and new) assignments, he’s honest, he’s solutions-oriented, well-organized, accountable, conscious, always on time, dynamic, quiet, proactive and disciplined.

Carine does a very good job. She designs very attractive and colorful pictures for Target. She does not hesitate to give advice and suggestions to her colleagues. She is open-minded and with no offense she receives remarks regarding her work. She is also a good role model of professionalism. She kindly offered to coach her back-up agent while on maternity leave this year.

Rodriguez Ajabu, Yvesse Makaba and Vincent Muya have been appointed as external collaborators. Here are the qualities of each one of them:

Rodriguez Ajabu : fast learner, conscious, goes beyond working hours to carry out his tasks, good behaviour with workmates, was able to cover the job of Arlette, good management of the analyst team.

Yvesse Makaba : She quickly understands and takes on board what she learns in the IT Department, she was able to handle difficult situations (opinion polls, cement study), she is both skilled and friendly.

Vincent Muya : he is very professional, learned faster what is required for the job of monitoring and planning, works with several departments at the same time and we hardly have complaints because he is doing a good job.

The two Best Field Managers in Kinshasa are Charles Benkanga who is appreciated for his dynamism, team spirit and management skills, which set him ahead of the crowd, and Sipho Boyale who is dynamic, always on time and well organized. All his assignments were successful.

Henri Katunda is a hard worker. He is highly professional and knows how to meet his commitments, while Yannick Bilengi is very diligent in his work and knows how to do his utmost for an effective data collection. Both were nominated for the Best Supervisors of Kinshasa category.

Pezo Ailka and Aaron Kimwanga are both nominated for the Best CAPI Investigators category. The first one is described as a very dynamic and accountable boy. Always available and on time, he respectfully meets his commitments, has a good attitude and always do a good job. The second one is also dynamic in the field, committed and has a very good relationship with his managers.

Their two colleagues, Frines Tshidimu and Thérèse Biona, were nominated in the category of Best CATI Investigators. In 2020, Frines was on time and available. She remained both conscientious and very disciplined in the work she performed. This has always been the reason for her EXCELLENT rating.  

For Christian Bwanga, it is a foregone conclusion because he is the only one who was selected in the Best Quality Controller category. TARGET's Management rated him as: very good discipline, honesty, punctuality and very good dynamism in monitoring and reporting.

Not easy like the preceding case, Target had to make a choice between Cherico Yangongo from Mbuji-Mayi who is both professional and dynamic, has a team spirit and a strong sense of leadership, and his colleague Junior Akilimali from Bukavu whose qualities include professionalism and a high sense of responsibility.

For the Best Supervisors of Provinces, Charles Basongo from Kisangani was nominated: always available, he has conducted several successful surveys. He is a team player and is fast in reporting. Kiff Kapwabwa from Matadi showed great sense of responsibility and took good initiatives in the field. This allowed his team to do very good job.

The last category is that of Best Quality Controllers in Provinces where Bienvenu Fataki of Kisangani is located. A very well-disciplined and hardworking gentleman who does a good job. He is dynamic and always on time.

Benjamin Mukini and Rodriguez Adjabu will receive special motivation: “Our heartfelt congratulations, especially to Benjamin and Rodriguez for their outstanding work. The Target’s Executive Management said they will officially be awarded a Certificate of Merit as well as a special bonus".

The company would like to point out that all other employees are still worthy. But when it comes to better ones, choices have to be made.

Saturday, March 27, 2021 - 12:29