Celebrities preferred by Kinshasa People (July 2015)


1. Music
Comparatively to 2014, the list includes more and more Congolese artists. Apart from
the American Christ Brown, the Canadian Céline Dion and the famous Nigerian duo
P-Square, the remaining of celebrities mentioned are of Congolese citizenship. Fally
Ipupa holds his first position with a score of 15%, and he is at the top amongst all
categories of interviewed persons whatsoever their area, except for people of 25 – 50
years old and active persons. He is more appreciated due to his music considered to be
of good quality (beautiful melodies and songs). He is followed by Ferré Gola (8%),
Werrason (7%), Koffi Olomidé (6%) and L’Or Mbongo (6%). Ferré Gola is actually
realizing his best score towards people of 12 to 34 years old that more appreciate him
because of his beautiful voice and his good compositions while Brother Patrice Ngoy
Musoko is attracting more interest amongst people of 50 years old and more because of
his edifying and educative songs. As regards L’Or Mbongo that holds now the top 5
position, she is mostly preferred by women mainly due to her new album “Oracle de

2. Theatre/Movies
Faustin Sukari alias Elombe (15%), keeps on moving up in the classification and is now
holding the first position before Lady Esobe (13%) and Fiston Sai-Sai (11%). Women
mostly prefer Elombe due to his theatre plays qualified as instructive and educative
while men are mostly attracted by Esobe and Sai-Sai because they are funny.
Muyombe Gauche is recording his best score amongst active people that more
appreciate their theatre plays such as “Jugement d’Amour” and “Docteur Chrétien”
while Maman Kalunga and Ursule Pechanga are more captivating the attention of
women by their ways of playing several roles (housewife, landlord, servant (maid)… for
Maman Kalunga and businesswoman, young lady, free woman…for Ursule Pechanga).

3. Sports
Kinshasa people choice is essentially lined up around soccer holding at the top the two
best soccer players in the world, Lionel Messi (22%) and Cristiano Ronaldo (15%),
followed by Trésor Mputu, Yannick Bolasie and Firmin Mubele. Trésor Mputu
maintains his third position but falls of 8% due to his absence in the recent competition
of both national team and clubs. Bolasie and Mubele that slip amongst the top 5, knew
how to win Kinshasa people hearts thanks to their brilliant ways of playing respectively
at the national team and A.S.V Club during the African competitions (CAN and
Champions’ League of CAF 2015). Let us underline that Messi and Ronaldo are
generally realizing their best scores towards all categories of interviewed persons and
more especially amongst men. Dieu Merci Mbokani seems to attract more women
while Firmin Mubele more interest older people (50 year old and more).

4. Media
Except for the French presenter of the Game “Questions Pour UN Champion”
Julien LEPERS, the classification is only composed of Congolese citizens
operating in Kinshasa. Papy Mboma, music commentator at B-One TV, is seen
again at the first position with 10%, followed by Mariana Kongo “La Tortura”
(7%) and Ndeko Eliezer Ntambwe alias Ndeko Eliezer, more captivate the men
attention because of their outspokenness and impartiality in their sayings while
the boss of Moliere Tv, Léon Nembalemba called “Papa Moliere” that is now
appearing within the top 5, more interests women due to his several TV
programs such as “Emission YA BABOLA”.

5. Advertisement
Advertisement field remains largely dominated by the comic actor Fiston Sai-Sai
whose creative spirit and humors in the communication do captivate the
attention of the majority of interviewed people. Further, let’s underline that the
comic actor Modero is now amongst the top 5 of classification.

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