A day with Target's women for the International Women’s Day


Every March 8, the world celebrates International Women's Rights Day. An opportunity for women to discuss ways and means to claim their rights. The international theme of this year is: " Women Leadership: For an equal future in the Covid19 world". Women at Target had a special day this March 8, 2021, four hours of work instead of eight, a women's conference, and the day ended over lunch.

The theme in the Democratic Republic of Congo is “Excellence in women's leadership, egalitarian and digital society in the age of Covid-19” It is often a day of celebration and associated with the wearing of loincloths. Most women in Target, this Monday, March 8, did not want to wear a loincloth. They are dressed differently, far from what one can notice in the city of Kinshasa. They would rather distinguish themselves from others because they know that the struggle for their rights in society is a long one.

Hortense Mbumba believes that the struggle in the DRC has not yet given strong signals, this day should allow women to better consider and face up to the situation: "I know that every 8th of March is a day dedicated to women, but with the Covid-19 pandemic and the statistics we have made, we notice that women have little impact in the Congolese opinion. This makes us think more to re-build the image of the Congolese woman in general and that of Target in particular", said this lady who has been at Target since the beginning and manager of several men.

In African society, the household has an important place for the African woman. For professional women, combining the two jobs is not that easy at all. Agnes Eketebi, head of administration at Target, believes that the success of the marriage depends 99% on the woman according to a priest's advice. It is then important to know how to plan your time to succeed on both sides. She stated that the professional woman is in the thick of it, she has to be perfect in her professional tasks as well as in the household ones. Corporate married women like to support the women's movement internationally who are calling for a reduction in women's working hours within the office along with a decent wage to enable them to be more successful in their households as well. Eunice Masuaku, who is not yet married, also supports this initiative.

That is not other single women’s point of view. Yvesse Makaba has an opposite opinion: "It's true that a woman has several roles and is called upon to manage several things, but I believe the request is contradictory. Because in the claim we ask for equality, it would not be normal to ask for another favor in terms of reduction of working time. However, I do not forget those women who have their first births and that can be complicated," notes this computer scientist who also believes that aspiring to great positions requires sacrifices.

Lisa Mwangala and Laurette Takita also agree with Yvesse's idea and believe that it is difficult for women to manage their home and their professional duties, but they should try to adapt. They believe that the more time you spend working, the more experience you gain, and the greater jobs are ahead of you.

These relaxing conversations

Just at noon, all women gathered in the meeting room around a table to discuss. Most of them are in decision-making and executive positions within Target. Several points are approached during these discussions including the female language, the professional and domestic life of Target women, hygiene, and spiritual life as well. The conversation has started in a shy way, people were observing each other. Each one waits to be given the floor. Everything is said here, they talk about men of the company, their husbands, and colleagues.

After an hour, the conversations became more and more lively, with some individuals talking about their life experiences on all the above-mentioned points. Married women try to share their experiences while unmarried women listen to the advice. They would politely retort when they disagreed. Every time there was a lot of laughter. Women in both categories were also given advice. The day ended with a delicious meal at the Rubis restaurant in Gombe.

Pendant la réunion entre femmes

Monday, March 29, 2021 - 14:46