Digital tablets for field surveys


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If you have already been in DR Congo to conduct an interview in the framework of a market research, you would have certainly noticed that the surveyor used a questionnaire written on a paper with a pencil to take note of your answers. Target will progressively put an end to that practice. The Agency has just purchased Samsung digital tablets for quantitative surveys.

Digital tablets provide with more advantages. The field surveyor that uses tablet will in the meanwhile act as a note-taker. Data collected such a way shall be well saved and their next processing will be very easy to be performed. Furthermore, management of surveyors sent in the field will be easier.

Since tablets are equipped with GPRS, the supervisor or quality officer will be able to geo localize each surveyor under his/her supervision. He/she might therefore be able to quickly join a surveyor in order to attend some interviews. The quality officer will easily make a counter-survey towards respondents.

Target is aiming at a simple goal: increase its competitiveness in a market that is strongly competitive by improving its practices and adopting the best fashionable technologies.

Data of the next media survey or Mystery shopping of Target that you will read shall be collected with digital tablets. For the time being, our computer scientists are making all it takes to install applications and conduct pilot researches.  

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