Documentary research on Banks in DR Congo – June 2017


Political stability of DR Congo in the early 2000s, attracted several investors in many sectors of activities including banking sector. Several banks came to establish in DR Congo in addition to those which were already operating within the territory such as BCDC, CITI Group, Standard Bank, BIC, etc… The need related to banking services increased in companies as well as in private persons; all this clearly given as supporting evidence of banking facilities growth.  

Nowadays, banking sector in DR Congo is a field of competition between about fifteen banks operating in almost all provinces of DR Congo. This leads to a diversity of choice as well for private persons as for artificial persons (establishments, companies and public services).  

It is currently noticed a certain lack of information as well as transparency in terms of conditions for opening and holding a bank account also as regards fees related to products and services offered by different banks. They are almost unknown by the great public and sometimes less understood by staff of contact in banks (receptionist, commercial agents…)

We focused on these two aspects in the framework of our research that is combining a documentary research with Mystery Shopping (mystery clients coming to banks for receiving information from commercial agents) in order to allow to both banking facilities providers that are banks and banking facilities consumers that are clients to have an idea on conditions and terms in order to make relevant choices when they are to decide.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 14:52