DR Congo: 7 Congolese people over 10 think that immigration is a good thing, according to Target–WIN/Gallup survey


While scandals related to immigration especially of Asia and Africa towards Europe is hitting the headlines, WIN/Gallup International dedicated a portion of its 2015 Year – End survey to this issue. In DR Congo, Target participated into this survey within eleven DR Congo cities with a sample of 1000 persons in line with method of quotas per age, sex and home – provinces. The survey focused on eleven counts towns of provinces under the old administrative configuration of the DRC, before the territorial division.

 The survey reveals that 7 Congolese people over 10 show that immigration is a good thing against 1 person over 10 that considers immigration to be a bad thing. 2 Congolese over 10 did not give their opinion regarding this issue. 

Matadi Inhabitants (88%) and Kindu inhabitants (80%) are the most favorable to immigration. Contrary to this latter, Goma respondents (31%) and Lubumbashi respondents (32%) have been the most to disapprove of immigration.

As regards tourism, 78% of respondents assume that people should be free to visit countries of their choice. The majority of respondents in eleven cities are supporting this idea. Only 3% of respondents are not agreeing with this assertion at all.

67% of respondents are totally agreeing with the idea that people should be free to do business in any country whereas they wish to. Although hesitant, 19% of Congolese people responding to the same survey are also sharing this opinion. At Lubumbashi (47%) and Bukavu (44%), less than half of respondents are favorable to free business.

One Congolese people over two thinks that people should be free to work in any country whereas they want to live during some years. 26% are rather agreeing with this allegation. Which could lead to believe that these respondents assume that the said freedom should go along with some conditions. On the other hand 1 Congolese over 10 does definitively not agree with this idea.

Finally, as regards freedom question of which people should enjoy in order to install in another country, the majority is either totally agreeing (58%) or rather agree (22%) while only one person over 10 does not agree with it.

Immigration seen by the Congolese

People should be free to visit any country of their choice as tourists

Cross–border business and exchange

People should be free to install and live in another country

Should you want to receive detailed results of this survey in DR Congo, please feel free to write to info@target-sarl.cd or call (+243) 810 451 052/ 99 324 81 80.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 18:12