ESOMAR Annual Conference: African delegates mobilised to re-launch the activities of the African Market Research Association (AMRA).


From 10-14 September, market research professionals from 78 countries around the world gathered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the ESOMAR 2023 Annual Conference.

The contribution of artificial intelligence (AI) to the production of reliable data, as well as to data analysis and reporting, was highlighted by many speakers during the conference.
For their part, the African delegates met to relaunch the activities of AMRA (African Market Research Association).

Its main objective is to promote quality research in Africa. The African delegates met to relaunch the activities of the AMRA (African Market Research Association), whose aim is to promote quality research in Africa and to make market research professionals in their respective countries and networks aware of the benefits of the association for the development of the industry.

To make this association work for everyone, the African delegates also agreed that everyone should consider how they can invest their skills and time in the service of AMRA to raise its profile and visibility in Africa.

Serge MUMBU, General Manager of TARGET, who took an active part in the meeting, believes that the time has come for market research professionals working in Africa to join forces to raise the continent's profile on the world stage.

The African delegates present at the ESOMAR Congress recognised the incredible potential that the African continent represents for the market research industry and renewed their commitment to always promote good research practices in accordance with the ICC/ESOMAR Standards.

It should be remembered that the ESOMAR Congress was a framework for revitalising networking between a number of stakeholders (research companies, clients, consultants, associations). During these meetings, the players outlined the advances and challenges in market research, data analysis and presentation in a context dominated by the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 15:23