Field-Work: surprises on roads, villages and airports


We appreciate all market researches that Target is providing us with. Some of them are eventually ruling as references in these fields. Let us quote the traditional research on media audience in DR Congo or on key – figures on mobile telephony. These researches are achieved products that are not only done of exchanges between surveyors and respondents. Several other ingredients are put together in order to reach to this final product. These ingredients are sometimes anecdotes and stories which are all the same unspeakable. Target team opened its anecdote bags and decided to share some of their stories with internet users.

At Goma airport, 30 minutes before embarkation, passengers must put their belts, Saleh SIKOFU, our Research Specialist is telling us. “Put your belts not because of the taking off of the plane but rather due to embarkation turbulences”. As a matter of fact, Airlines Companies are explaining us that they sell more tickets than numbers of available seats they have. Besides, there are politicians and militaries that want by any means to rule, the embarkation becomes an outstanding sprint. You would have to take off in a sprint of 100 meters since the entrance in the plane is to be taken by force.

After launching a research in Goma, Saleh SIKOFU, Target Research Specialist will have to move to Kisangani for launching the same research. When they landed in Kisangani, he was waiting for his luggage without finding them out! The Airline Company could not give him any information about that. The following day, right in the morning, the Company will inform him that his luggage was found out at Kinshasa and he could get it back only after 48hours. Instead of giving him peace, this information had even added more stress and pressure to him since he was supposed to finish his job within 48hours and questionnaires that was supposed to be used for the survey was in his luggage. Fortunately some copies of questionnaire were in his handbag. He could now multiply copies and finish his job. Prevention is better than care.

Sarah NGONGO, Administrative Assistant is sharing with us her experience, when she was surveyor: “During a research in PELENDE village in KWANGO Province, we made 5 hours driving from Kinshasa to PELENDE and the following day we were supposed to start interviews. One of interviews’ areas was located within the neighborhood of one of our guide. The guide ensured us that the area was located not far away from the hotel where we were. We started walking to reach the interview area and curiously, this area was located at about 8km from the hotel. So you can notice that we walked along all this distance. The guide was a native of the land and used to walk all this distance in foot and he just assessed that paying for motor bikes to bring us there was useless. He obliged us to make 8km walking in foot yet despite the fact that we were tired, we were supposed to work and get back to the hotel again by walking.

Field researches are also an occasion to make some sightseeing and discovery. Cedric OHALE, IT Assistant is also sharing with emotion discoveries of green hills that are marking the side roads between Bujumbura and Gitega during their driving trip. He is remembering with emotion about a house built with the remaining of lava coming from Nyiragongo volcano. In contact with sunbeams these remaining of lava are shining as precious stones.

All these stories and realities are adding spicies to daily lives of Target agents and allowing them to produce appreciated researches together with several partners which relying on them in order to make good decisions.

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