The five publications of the fifth year of Target


2016 was the fifth year of Target SARL existence, the market agency. With modest first steps, Target succeeded to pave its own way amongst companies operating within its sector and to position itself as a reference market research agency. At the end of this year, we would like to propose a summary of five main researches initiated by the agency. Of course, this summary does not take into account confidential researches which were directly delivered to clients. 

February 2016

Research on mobile telephony in DR Congo

After March 2015’ research on mobile telephony at Lubumbashi, (read more:, another survey conducted this time in all eleven administrative centers of provinces according to DR Congo former configuration, helped to understand main tendencies related to mobile telephony in DR Congo.

This year beginning’ research showed that mobile telephony penetration rate is very high in main cities (82%). 88% of men and 75% of women, respondents, stated to use services of at least one telecom operator in the country. One mobile phone user over two is a subscriber of at least two networks. One person over four is a subscriber of three mobile networks.

The survey globally showed that Congolese people like Vodacom for its stable and good quality signal, Tigo for its prices, Orange for its bonus and promotions, Airtel for its stable and good quality signal, Africell for its flat rate prices (calls, text messages, internet).

Abstract to be read here:

July 2016

Research on preferred celebrities at Kinshasa.  

In July of this year, Target conducted the fourth edition of its traditional research “preferred celebrities at Kinshasa”. Target would like, through this research, allowing companies and advertisers make a better choice on celebrities that might attract a greater audience.

Classification of 2016 has been done based on 4 great sectors: sport, music, media and advertisement, drama and movies.

In music: Fally Ipupa (16%), L’Or Mbongo (7%) and Werrason (7%) held the top of class. In Sport Yannick Bolasie (4%) was added to the head trio regularly dominated by Lionel Messi (23%) and Cristiano Ronaldo (23%). As regards drama/movies: Fiston Sai – Sai (14%), Lady Esobe (12%) and Elombe Sukari (12%) have been highly appreciated. In media sector, Papy Mboma (13%), Léon Nembalemba (11%) and Eliezer Ntambwe (9%) outclassed their colleagues. And finally, Fiston Sai – Sai (72%) is still holding the first place in advertisement far beyond Modero (4%) and Ngalufar (3%).

To read here:

August 2016

Research on banks’ perception at Kinshasa

In August, banking sector was subjected to a research that allowed the assessment of both spontaneous and assisted notoriety of banks operating in DR Congo, rate of bank accounts possessed by DR Congo inhabitants, level of trust that clients put in their banks, reasons of none – possession of bank accounts.

This research showed for instance that only 14% of Kinshasa inhabitants own a bank account and 43% of those not owning it, state the fact of not having a regular income as the main reason for not possessing a bank account while 25% are just not interest in owning one.

Only 1% of people owning bank accounts, possess more than one, the top three of banks are presented as follow: Rawbank (32%); Procredit Bank (21%) and Biac (12%). Abstracts of this research are available here

September 2016

Statistics on media at Kinshasa.

In order to help advertisers develop and/or improve their media plans on main media supports (classical Television, Internet, Radio satellite channels and printed media), Target published in September the fourth edition of its research on media at Kinshasa. Unlike the previous editions, this new one introduced five great innovations that are: supports from which each media is followed (television, radio and internet), preferred languages for following media, different places and persons to follow the media with, media audience per hourly bracket during the week and weekend and finally, subscription to TV broadcasting companies (Dstv, Canal +, Startimes, Bleu SAT and Strong) as well as choice of packages.

In terms of audience, television is the very preferred media by Kinshasa people (96%), thus superseding internet (38%) and radio (23%). Abstracts to read here:

November 2016

Research on the impact of digital communication

The Agency published a research on the impact of digital communication. Target agency is providing answers on internet users’ behaviors face to online advertisements, impact of online advertisements’ supports and audience considered on website as well as social networks.

Almost 7 Congolese people over 10 consult the website of a brand to have information on its product. The opinion of online advertisements is generally positive. 68% consider them to be instructive and entertaining. 47% of Congolese people affirm to click on an image or link of an online advertisement content. According to Target research, companies should propose internet users, advertisements that are more tagline in terms of images and contents for them to be more interested.


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