Gala evening for Target 5 years’ celebration


Friday October 28th, a gala evening crowned the five years’ celebration of Target existence. Within this happy atmosphere, officers, staff, consultants as well as some picked pioneers of this market research agency celebrated Target current success. And pave the way for a bright future.

Serge Mumbu, General Manager of Target thanked all the guests for their attendance. Then he paid a proper as well as deep tribute to all those who contributed to the birth and promotion of this Agency.

“Before starting, I consulted several persons. My wife was one of my best adviser at that period. She also provided with significant support. The first steps of Target was characterized by financial drought. She greatly encouraged me and was always pushing to prayer. It is also thanks to her recommendations that Target remained able to achieve up to date”, Stated M. MUMBU.

He then paid tribute to Hortense MBUMBA, her assistant in the former structure that accepted to follow him and to be one of the first vital staff of Target.

The gratitude was likely directed to Blaise PEZO, “quiet force” that also accepted to join Target at the very starting steps for taking care of its IT computing department.

Amongst pioneers, Target had two Ladies Sonia BOKAKO and Mireille KANIKI that left Target two years after its creation for different fields, underlined Serge MUMBU.

The brains in the shadow, Tatiana DJOLI officially joined Target one year after its creation. Today, she has become one of the references for quantitative researches. 

Aimé KAMUHA and Michael DIKASA whose contribution was significant to the agency left as well.

Armand LOKOLO was the representative of all consultants working in Project Department and Jason DJEMO, representative of computer scientists that witness an outstanding evolution of their job these last years. “Encoding no longer exists due to technological evolution that is quickly spreading throughout market research sector. Yet Jason and others computer scientists made a quick accommodation”, rejoiced Serge MUMBU.

A Cedric OHALE, Mr. Twitter, has been officially required to get married. He responded with a smile full of secrets under his self – control. Target still awaiting for his reply.

Sarah NGONGO, the agency iron lady, was celebrated for “her dexterity concerning management of finances” of the agency. Divine KAWAYA, the Development Business officer has been recruited by Target as a result of her proposals to widen clients’ portfolio. Faithfull to her words. “Indeed, she is excellent as regards contacts and allowed Target better developing the B to B. she is very good in factual organization as well”, specified Serge MUMBU.

Martial BUDUILE, the home English speaker contributed a lot as regards Target publications. His opened minded and plain speaking personality are both much appreciated.

Besides his excellent performance in managing the evening, Saleh SIKOFU has been clearly nicknamed “Mister Severe” of the agency. One of the very first consultants of Target, Saleh is today the reference in terms of documentation for Target, underlined the General Manager of Target before encouraging all the staff to remain “objective while selecting their collaborators, in all assessments and maintain the ability to fit new surroundings within a job that is permanently undergoing transformation”. 

The evening went on with an appetizing diner, exchange of gifts as well as some dancing. The next appointment is booked for the 10th Target anniversary.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 09:45