Impact of advertisement in DR Congo


DR Congo is a huge market at the heart of Africa with 78.74 million of inhabitants. It holds a very strategic position in the region. It can allow an extension of its market towards 9 border countries with about 250 million of potential consumers. Just walk around DR Congo big cities streets, watch TV, listen to radio or read magazines you will realize how several DR Congo companies invest in advertisement for promoting their products or services.

In this study it is about to assess what the Congolese public opinion really think as regards advertisement through answers to these three key – questions:     

  • What proportion of Congolese people is interested in advertisement?
  • What are the most effective advertisement supports?
  • What are brands that have fared well in terms of advertisement in DR Congo at the level of various supports (TV, panels, radio, banners, SMS, internet…)?  

The Study “Media Audience in DR Congo” allows identifying media and supports with which to communicate while this study “Impact of advertisement in DR Congo” is somehow giving results related to companies’ communication towards Congolese people. Through this publication, advertisers and communication agencies will be able to especially assess real impact of their messages and see if there is an adequacy between means used (budget, selected supports) and obtained results. It is clear that there was a need for qualitative researches towards targets in order to well assess a company advertisement impact, but at least, we have in this study figures that can be analyzed to improve future communications’ impact.

This survey has been carried out towards a sample of 1400 Congolese people randomly recruited in 26 administrative centers of DR Congo provinces according to Kish method then submitted to face to face interview based on a soft questionnaire using smartphones. The sample representativeness is ensured by the method of quota applied to the following variables: gender, age, occupation and city of residence.

Some study extracts:

Congolese people interest for advertisement.

Are you interested in advertisement?

Congolese people interest per region

Less than one Congolese people over two shows interest for advertisement. Scores vary depending on regions. The highest interest is at Kongo – Central (71%) and Kinshasa (60%) but very low at Bandundu (35%) and Kivu (36%).

Results in this study are globally presented at the scale of 26 administrative centers of provinces, but also per region, gender, age bracket, income and occupation.

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DR Congo is a huge market at the heart of Africa with 78.74 million of inhabitants. It holds a very strategic position in the region.