Innovation and staff training at the heart of Target in 2020


In its eleventh newsletter, the market research agency Target takes stock of 2019 and announces its ambitions for 2020.A balance sheet that Director General Serge Mumbu considers positive even if not all objectives have been achieved in the project of studies database migration via server; data analysis and processing via power BI. The finalization of this migration project is one of the major objectives of this year.


The last quarter of 2019 was a period of challenges. Target has organized capacity-building activities for its staff to have an increased and continuously updated knowledge of research sector. This year the company plans to do better. Nearly half of the project department's workforce is in international training, as are Arlette Leumbou and Martial BUDUILE, who continue to refine their practical and theoretical know-how at Georgia University of United States of America, one of the world's leading market research firms.


Target's goal is to meet the needs of its customers beyond their requirements. In addition, the agency wants to have more proven specialists in various areas of market research.


In a world of market research dominated by English language, Target will institute this language as the exclusive working language in the project department by June. But already on a daily basis, members of this department exchange only in English in a friendly atmosphere.


Introducing new software


Target's customer requirements are well known, including quality work delivered in ever-increasing deadlines. To meet their demand, Target now plans to use two key software in market research sectors, namely NVIVO and MS PROJECT. The first is one of the best software currently available for qualitative data analysis. With this new tool, Target will put a cross on tedious analysis work of a mix of focus groups. Long reports will now be written with considerable time savings.

MS PROJECT has a reputation as the best project management software in the world. This tool allows for better tracking of all current projects and helps to achieve better planning. The agency will then be able to better manage resources allocated to each project by respecting timing given to its clients and partners. Thus, through rigorous application of all its staff, Project Department is sourcing new intellectual and technical resources in order to better serve by aligning themselves with international standards.

In 2019 Target agency published several results of a lot of studies in several sectors including media, health, banking, insurance, politics, women's rights, cement, water and so many others. It also published several opinion polls and documentary studies. In the same year, the company also invested in training of supervisors and surveyors. It also mentored interns, some of whom have joined the company after making outstanding outcome.


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