“In IT department, 2018 has been a hard – working year but very successful”, Blaise Pezo


“The year 2018 has been a hard – working year in Target IT department”, affirms Blaise PEZO, Officer in charge of this sector within Target agency since 2011. Everything has been done with a view to meet Target clients’ requirements. Finally it will be a successful year.

“Everything started with needs expressed by clients. The client is always a source of inspiration. Because his choices and requirements in terms of results are considered for us as a kind of expected situation as regards fact. This leads us to go deeper in our research in order to meet their requirements”, affirms, Mr. PEZO.

The starting point in terms of achievement has been to make sure that data is secured. “The greatest achievement has been to implement local network. Data security was a concern for Target. We imported a local network within Target in order to allow increasing of performance in terms of work and data security”, as he specifies.

Further, one of the greatest achievements for this year in his department has been the training in SIG (Geographical Information System). “It is a training that allowed us using GPS in order to ensure accurate positioning of data collection and make a simplest reading of information through cards”.

With this initiative, IT Department is determined to pursue it till the end by making the job more modern. 

According to its Officer, IT department is planning for the year 2019:

  • Broader IT consultants’ base;
  • Provide capacity building of teams, by following some trainings especially in ODK collect, data analysis, SIG but also in computer graphics;
  • Work in local networking. It is true that the network is dispatched but all the users will be connected in the local network in 2019;
  • Practically manage the result through multidimensional Modelisation. This aspect, directly leads to Business Intelligence, explains Blaise;
  • Implementation of a room for telephonic surveys;
  • Strengthening and maintenance of equipment. 

And finally, summarizing extracts of publications in form of pictures.

Monday, December 24, 2018 - 00:18