Media audience in DRC (2018 edition)


In 2017, Target published the first edition of ‘’media audience in DRC’’ which consisted in giving an overview of media landscape in each of 26 DRC regions and in other hand, give audience scores of various medias in order to guide advertisers, communication agencies and medias.

The second edition of media audience is detailed than the first edition on describing media attitudes among Congolese. 2018 edition also includes new aspects such as channels through which Congolese get connected to media, preferred languages, places and people with whom they usually follow media.

A part form these new aspects, we also included paid TV distributors. Congolese who gave their point of view on rational behind TV channels groups (bouquets).

Only results got from samples significance test could be done were included on this report. A comparison with last year wave was included, in order to evaluate differences.

What could be kept in mind regarding medias in general?

Electricity availability still negatively impacts TV audience including paid TV in DRC . The need to get informed regarding political progress encourages Congolese go back on radio since the later does not really depend on electricity usage. This explain the audience rise of radio for 11% between 2017 and 2018 to be at 72% against 48% (-3%) for TV and at 9% (-4%) for paid TV.

The current political situation (with internet restrictions during political events), the rise of android phone, megabytes perceived expensive by most Congolese explain the stability of internet audience at 24%. While internet usage among youths increase everywhere in the world. 

 Newspaper in DRC is still downgrading with only 1% on audience nationally against 8% last year. A part from structuration issues (lower interest of Congolese on reading, low purchase power, low availability of newspapers in other regions, internet competition), other point out newspapers contents(much of political communication, articles on information and investigations on up to date topics on Congolese daily lives).

Which are the media you followed the last 30 days?


Media audience varies per regions in DRC

Radio is the most followed media in all regions a part from Kinshasa, Katanga and Kongo Central where TV leads. Internet and paid TV got the best scores in Kinshasa (48%) and Kongo Central (30%) respectively.

Compared to 2017, it is in Kinshasa that radio and internet recorded the most significant increases on audience (+24% and +18%). In terms of significant decreases, we will mention here that newspaper in Kasai (-9%) and Kongo Central (-13%) as well as paid TV in Kivu (-12%).

Though been in decrease everywhere, TV increased in Bandundu (+20%) and in Katanga (+14%)

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