Newsletter N°18: Recent events at Target


Market research firm Target has published its eighteenth newsletter covering the period July to August 2021. The newsletter reviews the firm's activities.


The "Sharing Day" in the spotlight, presented by the computer graphics department, focused on graphic design. It is nothing more than a document containing all the rules of use of the visual elements of a company (color code, typography, logo, history of the brand, and others). Thanks to the graphic charter, you can be sure that your brand is represented as it should be in all circumstances.


Under the spotlight, Yvesse Makaba, computer consultant, is in the focus in the section "A day with." She develops input masks from design to data processing. She positions herself as one of the most committed workers at Target.


Target's annual media survey also makes the news in this new newsletter. According to the survey data, radio remains the most followed media in the DRC, with 62% of the audience share despite a slight drop in score compared to the previous year. It retains its position mainly because of the lack of electricity in some parts of the DRC. A situation that prevents millions of people from following other media as they would have liked, such as television.


Another study, this time on religion, showed that Christianity remains the religion practiced by most of the population. The last survey published by Target in 2020 on the same topic indicated that the Roman Catholic Church was the most practiced religion among Congolese (+18 years old). In 2021, the trend remained the same despite slight decreases for some religions.


This week's Word of the Week on Consumer Insight concludes this newsletter. It teaches the concept of a qualitative research approach, which is used to study a strong opinion or expectation present and detected among consumers of a product. It is also used to lead advertising speeches and marketing policy. Target provides relevant insights to increase the business of their direct and indirect customers.


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