Newsletter N°20: the new trends at Target


Target, the market research firm, released its 20th new newsletter on Monday, November 15, 2021. The newsletter covers the whole month of October. The focus group moderation training, one day with Vincent Muya, Target's ten years of existence, the study on banks, and the word of the week on weighting are the contents of this newsletter.

Target organized training on focus group moderation for consultants and external collaborators. During this session, Saleh Sikofu, Project Manager, defined the moderator's role, assets, and skills.

A day with Vincent Muya, Field Operations, is also part of this new newsletter. Mr. Muya is a Field Operations Consultant at Target. He has been doing this work passionately for several years now. He is one of the employees supervised by the Project Manager, Saleh Sikofu, in Target's Project Department.

The newsletter is also about the ten years of existence of the Target research firm celebrated on Monday, October 11, 2021. A celebration that comes at a critical time when the Covid-19 pandemic hits the world. Serge Mumbu, the general manager, explains that his structure has to adapt to the changes in their industry. In this interview, he talks about the opportunities and challenges of Target while remaining optimistic for the future.

In the last publications of Target, we also mentioned the survey on banks. The DRC has 315 bank branches in 23 provinces, except for the provinces of Maï-Ndombe, Tshuapa, and Haut-Lomami, according to a compilation of data from the research firm. On the same subject, Target published a study on supermarkets. The city of Kinshasa has 89 supermarkets and mini-markets in 15 of its 24 communes. More than half of these supermarkets are concentrated in the communes of Gombe (38%) and Ngaliema (16%).

The word of the week on weighting gives further substance to this new newsletter. This process consists of balancing a figure by assigning a greater or lesser coefficient to it to pursue reality.

This newsletter ends with the contribution of the partners within the Target company. The commercial training of Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Franco Congolaise (CCIFC) on "How to conquer the heart of your interlocutor thanks to an impactful presentation," the regime and fiscal, parafiscal, and customs impacts of the Maluku Special Economic Zone (MAZES), the journey of a student through ESOMAR and Insights, the digital engagement and the hidden keys to happiness in the world are also part of this new newsletter

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