One Day with Yvesse Makaba


Yvesse Makabas workday starts early. She works alongside Rodrigue Lukusa (IT Intern), Jehovela Ndombele (IT Data Analyst-Intern), and Tony Mbula (IT Data Analyst) in the IT Department of Target Research, managed by Data Manager Benjamin Mukini.


The computer consultant, Yvesse Makaba, develops input masks from design to data processing. She is standing out as one of the most committed workers at Target.


Wednesday, July 14, 2021, is a special day for his department. She is wearing a short loincloth dress with a white sweater and black leather ballerinas. Yvesse Makaba spends her day between the 7th and 8th floor of Target. As soon as she arrives at the office, she takes care of a pending task. The field follow-up of a project of which she finished the first stage. The project is called NPS. It is currently in the processing stage before being sent to the Target projects department.


At the same time, she supervises Rodrigue Lukusa’s work, who started his internship on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, in her IT department. Yvesse Makaba devotes her time to the young trainee fresh out of university who has come to take his first steps in the professional world within this large market research company. She shows him the computer tools but also the working methods of Target in his field.


9:45 am time for English class. Yvesse comes down quickly to participate in this session held in the conference room of the Target research firm, on the 7th level of the Vulambo building. During this learning moment, she focused on the days lesson given by Professor Éloge Mulumba. The English lesson of the day is about marketing products. The course ends at 11:30 am. As soon as she gets back to her office, Vincent Muya (Field Operations) directly asked her to solve a technical problem he experienced during the Target Webinar evaluation meeting. Yvesse gives him headphones to lead this meeting. Right after, its lunchtime. They have lunch with colleagues in the office’s kitchen.


Back from her break, she focuses on her computer to finalize the module for a training course on ODK collect that Target plans to launch in the next few days.


This is a training module that we are designing. We design it for students and companies who want to learn about market research. When we do a job like this, we are supposed to invite a colleague to proofread it before we make it available to the public, explains the consultant.


A few minutes later, she was called again by the trainee Rodrigue Lukusa, who presented the work she had given him. She checks on him and gives him further directions to finish his work for the day. Ten minutes later, Yvesse will validate the result of her trainee. She gives him a web link to validate his work on the input mask. Yvesse Makabas day ends with verifying the training module results that she had started in the morning.

Monday, August 2, 2021 - 15:48