Pope Francis has a positive image around the world, according to a poll WIN/Gallup International


Nearly 54% of the world population has a favourable image of Pope Francis, against 12% who display a negative image. 34% of those surveyed by WIN / Gallup International in 64 countries worldwide favor to its survey late 2015 have not expressed their views on the Pope Francis. In DRC, the survey was conducted by Target-SARL.

The regions where the positive image of the Pope is the highest are Latin America, North America and the European Union. Among the 64 countries, the Pope´s image is highest in Portugal, the Philippines, Argentina and Italy. Positive opinion of Pope’s Francis increases with age of respondents.

To the issue of whether: “Irrespective of your own religion, do you have a very favourable, somewhat favourable, somewhat unfavourable or very unfavourable opinion of Pope Francis?”

Five out of 10 (54%) surveyed in 64 countries support: (Very favourable 24%, somewhat favourable, 30%). Furthermore, one in 10 citizens surveyed (12%) have a negative opinion about the Pope Francis: A bit unfavorable7%, very unfavorable and 5%.

Finally, 3 in 10 (34%) were not able to pass judgment on the Pope.

"Francois is a leader who transcends his own religion. Our study shows that an ample majority of the citizens of the world, of different religious affiliations and across regions, have a favourable image of the Pope, "said Jean-Marc Léger, President of WIN / Gallup International.

There are important differences in attitudes across the regions. The positive image of the Pope is higher in Latin America (77%), followed by North America (63%) and the European Union (62%).  In MENA and West Asia region, positive opinions are less prevalent and there is a high no response rate and don’t knows to the question.

When it comes to religious affiliations, Roman Catholics are the people who have the highest positive opinion of Pope Francis (85%), followed by Jews (65%). On the other hand, only 28% of Muslims and 33% of Buddhists see the Pope favourably, but most people of these religions (55 and 57% respectively) do not know him.

Likewise, the poll shows that of the 64 countries, popular opinion is favourable to the Pope in 60 of them. In top of the list appear Portugal (94% positive image), the Philippines (93%), Argentina (89%), Italy (86%), Colombia (84%), Lebanon (80%), Spain (80%), Peru (79%), Poland (78%) and Ecuador (78%).

On the contrary, there are only 3 countries where negative opinions outnumber positive ones: Tunisia (15% favourable, 25% unfavourable), Turkey (13% vs. 26%) and Algeria (9% vs. 28%).

Congolese people from DR Congo also have a positive perception of the Pope.

The research in DR Congo has been achieved by Target SARL in eleven main cities of DR Congo according to the former DR Congo administrative configuration, before territorial division. The sample was composed of 1000 persons in line with the method of quota per age, sex and dwelling provinces.

As regards the question related to the Pope, 52% of Target – SARL respondents expressed either very favorable opinion (28%), or favorable (22%) concerning the Pope Francis. The most favorable opinion concerning the Pope has been recorded in Goma city (67%) at the Eastern of DR Congo, respectively followed by MBANDAKA (59%), Kananga (57%°, Matadi (55%), Bukavu (53%), Lubumbashi (53%) and KIKWIT (51%).

People with an annual income of 60 000 USD are reaching greater numbers to have the most favorable towards the Pope Francois (60%). They are followed by retired persons (44%) and people with a yearly income varying between 12 and 24 000 USD (43%° that also has a very favorable opinion towards the Pope Francois.

On the other hand, the most unfavorable opinions have been recorded from people university graduated people (13%) and Post University graduated people (18%).     

Opinion of Pope Francis - Global Results

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 14:31