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Target Managing Director Serge Mumbu, ESOMAR Representative in the DRC since 2014, awarded ESOMAR Representative Prize, Inspiration to the African Community 2021.


On November 23, 2021, the World Association of Market Research Professionals (ESOMAR) awarded Mr. Serge Mumbu the ESOMAR Representative 2021 - Inspiration to the African Community Award.


As per tradition, the ESOMAR Representative Awards recognizes their best representatives who are part of their global team each year. This year, the Democratic Republic of Congo is awarded through Serge Mumbu, General Manager of the market research company Target.


Serge Mumbu is the only African to win this year's award, alongside several other representatives from other continents. He will join previous winners Raul Esteban (ESOMAR Representative for Philippines 2019), Jesper Platz (ESOMAR Representative for Denmark 2019), and others.


ESOMAR awards honor country representatives who frequently participate in their activities and promote the market research industry. Nominees are considered ambassadors for their markets and countries who are an integral part of a global team of individuals who advance ESOMAR's mission and advance the cause of market research worldwide.


The Inspiration to the African Community Award was presented to Mr. Serge Mumbu, Managing Director of Target Sarl, on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at approximately 15:00 GMT during an online meeting hosted by Esomar's headquarters in Amsterdam.





ESOMAR is the global association of market research professionals based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and in more than 130 countries through its members. With over 70 years of experience, it currently has over 7000 individual members, and TARGET SARL has been one of the DRC companies to be part of ESOMAR CORPORATE since 2012.


Thanks to ESOMAR, research firms have the opportunity to improve their working and analysis tools constantly. More details on the official website






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