The second release of the published Target newsletter


The second release of Target newsletter launched in the beginning of this year has been made public. This 11 pages’ document is dealing with several company life subjects that might highly interest its partners.

In its leading article titled “The Target new image”, Serge Mumbu, the General Manager is presenting the inventory of recent Target progress: The widening of its geographical coverage area, Target responses to currents mutations within market research industry or integration of technologies into carrying out of researches.

“We will propose in very few days the application “Target News” that shall allow any partners as well as internet browsers following our news via their smartphones”, promised Serge Mumbu.

Target news hold a good position in this edition. This item can be especially found out in information of Target membership into two chambers of commerce but also available researches initiated by Target since the beginning of this year and is made available to public.

On three pages, the column “Departments’ Forum” presents in details options of Target new mobile application. The Agency graphical charter as well as recruitment or capacity building programs of consultants.

The “file” of this edition deals with innovations that Target brought to its yearly research on media at Kinshasa amongst which we have:

  • Channels via which each media is followed (television, radio and internet);
  • Preferred languages for following media;
  • Different places and persons to follow media with;
  • Subscription to TV broadcasting companies (Dstv, Canal +, Startimes. BleuSat and Strong) and choice of packages. Some advices and tricks towards foreign investors seeking for opportunities or in need of being established in DR Congo are provided as well at the end of edition.

“The fact of creating a newsletter has been globally perceived as a good initiative in the sense that Target uses a communication tool for exposing its activities towards its clients and partners like other companies. Some remarks were especially expressed as presentation. By keeping the same columns, this series is more focused on presenting Target vision while the first series was more dedicated to balance. Efforts have been carried out to improve presentation of this tool”. Explains Serge Mumbu, Target General Manager. These remarks have been carefully considered in the second release of Newsletter.     



Monday, September 26, 2016 - 16:05
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Target a rendu public, le 31 mai 2019 à Pullman Hôtel, les résultats de la troisième édition de son étude sur l’audience des médias en République Démocratiqu