Serge Mumbu joins Win/Gallup International


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Through its Managing Director, Serge Mumbu Tshimanga, Target just become a member of Win Gallup International, one of the biggest world organization dealing with market research and survey. Win Gallup International is present in 75 countries in the world. Only one member represents it in each country. On Win Gallup website, we can clearly notice that concerning DR Congo, Serge Mumbu Tshimanga, the boss of Target is from now on the reference person of this organization in the country.

The connection between Target and Win Gallup International is based on two fundamental values shared by these organizations: the permanent seeking of the highest quality in the carrying out of market researches and competitive prices’ implementation.

Target selection is considered as an evidence of Target capability to control methods and technics of modern researches. It therefore joins this worldly network that recruits local specialists having profound understanding of customs, habits and culture of the country wherein they have been working since years.

Exchange between these both organizations will be mutually rewarding. Target has got a wealthy as well as diversified experience as regards the conduct of market researches in Central Africa. Win Gallup can use this high quality local experience as a support to provide companies and organizations with quality services.

Since its creation in 2011, Target has especially conducted the following researches that is distinguishing it amongst its competitors:         

Quantitative Researches:

  • Post Test TV research for Panos Paris, TMB
  • TV Audience for Bralima
  • Media research for FEI and IMMAR
  • Taste and consumption Test for Haystack Belgium
  • Research on the use of financial services by adults  for Africascope South Africa

Qualitative Researches:

  • Research on young people for Netherland Worldwide Radio
  • Financial services in DR Congo including mobile money for Intermedia (USA)
  • Understanding Congolese consumers for Nielsen South Africa and Philip Morris International
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