Target about to launch media survey 2016 at Kinshasa


The market research Agency Target – SARL will be launching in June data collection of its yearly survey on media at Kinshasa. In addition to usual tendencies to be collected, this year the agency has inserted new questions for knowing specific media followed by respondents during the related period.

Target media survey is organized once a year and in 2016 it will relate on a sample of 1000 persons in DR Congo capital. This edition shall especially consist in introduction within questionnaire of specific questions to determine media supports that are mostly appreciated by respondents.

Thus, for any media followed during thirty days preceding the survey, respondents will be required to mention media supports that allowed them following those media, their preferred language for following the said media, hours during which they followed those media as well as usual location whereas they followed those media.

Respondents shall respond as well to usual questions on their preferred programs, paying TV… besides many other aspects of media consumption at Kinshasa shall also be dealt with within this survey.

Results of this 4th edition of Kinshasa media survey shall be available from July 2016.

You can get them on demand by writing to or calling (+243) 810 451 052





Monday, May 23, 2016 - 17:51