Target confirms its commitment to comply with the Global Compact "T


"Target reaffirms its voluntary commitment to Global Compact," said Serge Mumbu, General Manager of the market research company, at the presentation of the annual report on progress in implementing the UN Global Compact principles.

"To continuously improve our integration of Global Compact and implementing its principles in our strategies, corporate culture, and day-to-day activities, Target has turned its attention to implementing the UN Global Compact. Target is committed to achieving the goals of sustainable development and acting under the principles of the Global Compact Network," added Serge Mumbu.

As part of a global grouping of market and opinion research professionals, compliance with ICC/ESOMAR international standards is necessary. These standards are accompanied by integrity and transparency, among the five principles that lead Target's activities.

The current report highlights the concrete actions carried out by the market research firm and those preparing to concretize in the days to come to answer the rule of transparency in the social and environmental responsibility approach in connection with sustainable development.
Target affirms that they always commit to the principles of Global Compact of the United Nations: human rights, international labor standards, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption.

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La dernière enquête mondiale réalisée dans 64 pays par WIN/Gallup International montre que 61% des personnes interrogées se déclarent prêtes à se battre pour

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Quels sont les chiffres-clés de l’usage de la téléphonie cellulaire à Lubumbashi, capitale économique de la RDC ?

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A travers son Directeur Général, Serge Mumbu Tshimanga, Target vient d’adhérer à Win Gallup International, l’une des plus grandes associations mondiales d’ét