Target launched the documentary study called «bank watch»


Target will launch a new documentary survey called "Bank Watch" in the coming days.


This new documentary survey will give some insights into the different weekly banking activities in the industry. It includes communication activities, promotion, and events organized by the banks operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Moreover, this documentary study will also have the training sessions organized by the banks for their merchants, the social actions, and the new services.


For this edition, several banks will be part of the directory presented by Target: Rawbank, Equity BCDC, Trust Merchant Bank, UBA, ADVANS, Afriland First Bank, BGFIBank, Ecobank, FBNBank, SOFIBANQUE, ACCESS, and many others.


People and businesses interested in the survey results may have access by contacting Target. The full report of this documentary study will be available via a subscription link with an alert system on Target's website.

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La dernière enquête mondiale réalisée dans 64 pays par WIN/Gallup International montre que 61% des personnes interrogées se déclarent prêtes à se battre pour

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Quels sont les chiffres-clés de l’usage de la téléphonie cellulaire à Lubumbashi, capitale économique de la RDC ?

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A travers son Directeur Général, Serge Mumbu Tshimanga, Target vient d’adhérer à Win Gallup International, l’une des plus grandes associations mondiales d’ét