Target is launching a new fully online study


After the success of panel launching for online surveys of last year, Target SARL is conducting a new study on companies’ digital communication. About 950 panel users will thus respond for a month at questionnaire related to these topics and two other additional topics (democracy and good governance as well as on education). 

Companies’ digital communication

With manifest enthusiasm of Congolese people over social networks, and more obviously as regards internet, companies are having new channels for both communication and reaching their targets. Target study will respond to a number of question such as: what attitude internet users are adopting face to communication of companies on internet?

In this section, panel users are requested to say for instance if they notice online advertisements and if so, on which supports (platform, application, social network or website). The study thereafter focuses to steps they take and possibly the inter-activity that is committed between internet user and online advertisements. Other questions are aiming at especially knowing supports other than internet whereas they follow advertisements and ad messages recently seen on website and social networks.   

Democracy, good governance and education

The second section of this study relates to democracy, good governance and education questions.

Target would like to know the mind of internet users regarding this notions, if they are applied in Africa or if internet users consider that they are compatible with African socio – cultural environment.

Education will be the last topic to be approached in this study. Internet users are giving their opinions on DR Congo education level, quota in terms of men/women attending universities and tuitions collected by these institutions. 

Since March 24th, Target launched individualized messages through email addresses inviting panel users to participate into this study. The Agency is also intensively communicating via Facebook in order to successfully lead this new study. As a matter of fact one of Target Team is actually put at the disposal of internet users to react to possible difficulties they might meet for participating. This team can be contacted using the following address or these numbers 0185087351/ 0814020550.

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