Target: less than 50% of Congolese own a smartphone; Tecno the most used brand


The research and consulting company Target conducted a quantitative survey on smartphone ownership. As a result, there are fewer Congolese who own a smartphone than those who do not. However, according to the survey results, which we conducted among a sample of 2,000 people in the 26 provincial capitals of the DRC, Tecno is the most widely used brand of the telephone in the DRC.

The results of this quantitative survey reveal that only 49.9% of Congolese own a smartphone compared to 50.1% who do not. Among men, 54% own smartphones, while 46% do not. The opposite is true for women, where 46% own a smartphone compared to 56% who do not.

Of those aged 18-24 who actively use smartphones make up 55% versus 45% of non-users; more users in the 25 to 34 age group, 59% versus 41%. The trend seems to be reversing for both age categories. Among the 35-49 age group, 48% own a smartphone, while the remaining 52% do not. For those 50 years and older, those who own a smartphone make up 34% versus 64%.

The Chinese Tecno phones are top-rated. 35% of Congolese smartphone users use a Tecno smartphone. Itel, another brand of the firm Tecno, ranks second with 25% as the smartphone model used by the Congolese. 22% of smartphone users own a Samsung. 5% use iPhones and Huawei as well. 2% chose the LG brand as well as Sony. 1% each for Nokia, Motorola, Alcatel, and Wiko. 6% of Congolese use other non-identified brands.

Tecno is the leading user in Bas-Uele, Haut-Lomami, Haut-Uele, Ituri, Kasai Central, Lomami, North Kivu, South Kivu, Tanganyika, and Tshuapa. Itel shares this position with Tecno in some provinces. However, the latter brand comes second among the most sold smartphones in the rest of the regions except Kinshasa, Haut-Katanga, Central Kongo, Kasai-Oriental, and Lualaba, where Samsung dominates.

From March 25 to April 2, 2021, Target surveyed a sample of 2000 people. For more information on this survey, contact info@target-sarl.c


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