Target: a newsletter for better communicating with clients


Target just launched a newsletter designed for all its partners and prospects. This new publication aims at contributing to improve the agency communication. Saleh SIKOFU, Research Specialist that coordinates Target newsletter agreed to speak out his mind about it.


Target just launched its first newsletter, what does it aim at?

The newsletter aims at informing our clients and partners on current news related to our firm, in order to maintain a permanent contact with them and direct them towards Target website that is regularly updated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again all Target team for this wonderful job. Since our newsletter is being sent to thousands of contacts since April 27th, 2016.

What is its release frequency?

We are planning to publish the newsletter every three months. We wish we could get this newsletter to be interactive. And as a matter of fact we will be using this period of time to exchange with our readers. That is why we invite we them to ask questions and communicate to us their point of views as well as their reactions.

What is about this first issue?

Towards the 5th anniversary” is the topic developed in this first issue. This edition is focused on Target activities balance sheet during 2015 and growth perspectives in 2016. A special emphasis is put on the agency 5th anniversary celebration that is coming on next October. The editorial signed by Serge MUMBU, General Manager, especially deals with Target 5th anniversary. News shall be based on Target publications of these last months. Project and IT departments are also preparing balance sheets for their productions and perspectives on 2016. Two files are proposed to readers: the first file deals with panel, an innovation that Target brought in DR Congo market researches’ sector. The agency launched at the end of March the second wave of researches fully conducted online. The second file is dedicated to WIN/Gallup end-of-year world survey to which Target participated for the first time within DR Congo in 2015. Advises are also provided to those who would like to order a specific research from Target.   

What impacts do you hope to make with this newsletter publication?

We consider this newsletter to be a tool helping us to reach a larger audience. It will be like a tribune whereas we will promote our expertise through our activities as well as publications. Sometimes our job is undermined here in Africa and especially in DR Congo. It is also a mean of staying in contact with our usual partners as well as prospects. We believe that it will open us to other perspectives considering different kinds of people that will receive this newsletter. We also hope to have a good audience rate on our website.

Do you have other dispatching channels apart from email sending?

The publication shall be exclusively carried out through mail. We conceived a segmented sending. On the one hand, we will use an internal channel with our different contacts. And on the other hand, Bizcongo will publish our visual mailing on most of its 37 accounts throughout high audience social networks.

After publication of your first issue, how do you foresee the future?     

We are already working on for the next edition. We will make an announcement as regards colors we will be using for our 5th anniversary celebration that is under preparation. Other subjects will be analyzed such as online researches, possibilities to invest in DR Congo thanks to a research conducted by a local agency, our new graphical charter and Target mobile application. We will also talk about our presence within 26 DR Congo provinces as well as in other African countries.     




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