Target represented DR Congo at the 69th WIN/GALLUP International Conference at Marrakech


Target, one of the most known market research agencies in DR Congo was indeed present at Marrakech, at the end of May, for the 69th conference of leaders’ world organization within market research sector. The topic of this year was focused on “Inspiration”. The conference allowed participants learning, getting committed, building a network of relationships and discovering new methods and technologies for better understanding of the most recent market research industry tendencies. It was also for agencies attending the conference an opportunity to explore possibilities of developing their businesses.

The conference agenda had several different topics such as:     

  • Inspiring social change
  • Inspiring clients through best practice solutions
  • Inspiring business success through insight
  • Inspiring collaboration
  • End of year round table learning session
  • Or Regional meetings

This conference demonstrated that companies are increasingly using other tools such as (Big Data, social networks…) for better understanding of consumers and it is now up to market research agencies to prove more innovations by more and more incorporating new technologies within offers to be submitted to clients. The world is changing with high speed and decision – makers need shorter period of time to make their decisions and/or direct their actions. Market agencies must be able to propose solutions that are speed, cheaper as well as easy to be comprehended (mainly thanks to infographics as well as data visualization).

The 69th conference was also an opportunity to see 6 new members officially joining the Organization, respectively representing Egypt, Ethiopia, Estonia, Ivory Coast, Paraguay and Tunisia.

Apart from activities projected in the agenda, Target General Manager, Serge Mumbu exchanged with several agencies as well as companies present at Marrakech. A feedback and workshops are planned to be held for Target permanent workers in order to maximize teachings from this Marrakech conference within Target. 

In November 2015, Target SARL participated for the very first time into the end-of-year world survey conducted by WIN/Gallup International within about hundred countries throughout the world. Up to that date, Target which became a WIN/Gallup International member in February 2015, was only relaying results of researches coming from this market research professionals’ world organization.

Thanks to Target, Congolese opinions had the opportunity to be considered as regards subjects as various as those related to immigration, assessment of world leaders, religion, pope image… that were incorporated in WIN/Gallup world survey.

WIN/Gallup International is the world leading organization in both survey and market researches. It is composed of 75 greatest companies of market researches and independents’ survey in their respective countries with combined incomes of more than 500 million Euro and covering about 95% of world market.         

WIN/Gallup International members are main leaders of national agencies having a deeper local knowledge of research methods and technics, statistical sources, customs as well as differences of culture of their own countries and are thoroughly selected by the Organization Administration Committee.      

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 12:36