Target-SARL: what we achieved in 2015


After the review of year’s publications that the agency achieved in 2015, we would like to propose to you this short remind on our different activities of the last year apart from market researches conducted on behalf of our clients (that are deemed confidential).

Target shot off 2015 at top speed. The online research panel started on January. A true revolution, an absolute innovation within the Congolese world of market research.

In three months, about 500 respondents were registered online. Online first of all then after in cybercafés, universities, the large centers of the biggest cities in DR Congo. In August and September, results of the first three researches entirely conducted online have been made available to the public. The history is written. 

Besides, quantitative researches shall be from now on systematically conducted on digital tablets. Surveyors are playing at the same time encoders’ role. We are therefore savings times and getting more effective.

WIN Gallup International

Success in market research sector also performed through networking. It is especially the capacity for an agency to be able to build mutually profitable relationships with other reputable agencies as well as professional organizations. Therefore, through its General Manager, Serge Mumbu; in the beginning of February, Target became a member of WIN/Gallup International, the global organization of market researches’ professionals represented within 75 countries throughout the world.

The connection between Target and Win Gallup International is based on two major values that are shared by these organizations: permanent seeking of the highest quality in the execution of market researches and applying competitive prices.

This partnership was immediately materialized. Target popularized within a Congolese printed media as well as on its website, results of WIN/Gallup researches. In June, Serge Mumbu attended the yearly conference of the global organization that took place at Dublin. The Agency crossed therefore another new level in this relationship by taking part in November into a worldly research of WIN/Gallup International, the first research to involve Congolese respondents.   


Three months after the yearly conference of WIN/Gallup International, Serge Mumbu went back to Dublin. This time for the yearly congress of ESOMAR, the market research European organization that gathers professionals representing agencies shared out throughout the world. With other professionals, Serge Mumbu attended the brainstorming workshop on the creation of a grouping of African market research agencies.

“We gathered between African Professionals to consider what we can do with a view to promoting market research in our continent. We understood that if Europe and America are strong, it is only because they are united. It is therefore in all our interest to unify our strengths, strategies in order to establish a prevailing networking between us”, explained Serge Mumbu while back from Dublin.  

Popularization of market research

Beyond the service that Target is provided companies with, it is also investing itself in pedagogy, in popularizing market research sector. Therefore, executives as well as experienced Target staff took the floor one after another on the agency website to explain one aspect of the great work they have been performing up to date.

In that framework, Hortense MBUMBA, Blaise PEZO, Tatiana DJOLI, Michael DIKASA spend a long time talking about types of researches, data collection as well as processing methods, plus technologies used by the agency to reach these purposes.

At Kinshasa as in Lubumbashi, each time an opportunity is presented, Target calls for a press release. 2016 shall be line up with the same goal even for the best.

Best wishes for happiness, health and long life.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 12:45