Target visual communication searched with Cedric Ohale, IT assistant


"One image is worth one thousand words", states an old saying taught in all communication schools. Target has got a perfect control of this saying. Within the agency, Cedric Ohale, IT Assistant, is especially in charge of computer graphics for making figured information clearer and intelligible, which is not always easy to great public access; or simply for raising and maintaining internet users’ interests on social networks. For Target website reader, he is explaining his job. And what motivates Target choices as regards computer graphics.      

Target is making several of its publications alongside with graphics. Do you have a specific strategy for that?   

Indeed, we make sure that our publications be accessible and easily understood by all our readers. Graphics are summarizing great tendencies of a research. We want the production of every single result to be showing the field reality, differences between terms and especially aspect and presentation of colors used so that they might be attractive.

Are Target graphics home-made or do you hire sub – consultants to perform the job?    

Considering the confidential nature of researches ordered by clients, our graphics are home – made. We are using computer graphics’ agencies for our home – made publications such as media statistics, advertisement impact and preferred celebrities. In this case, we are also signing a confidentiality agreement with the said agencies.

How graphics are exploited on social networks whereas Target is present?

The strategy of some social networks is not to disseminate images together with text (promoted diffusion), thus to better express our results, we are supposed to find out images corresponding to messages we wish to share. Therefore computer graphics’ intervention allows us in just one image being able to express information that we wish to disseminate without especially indicating figures.

What about pictures? What is guiding your choices while selecting pictures?

Choice of pictures is made in accordance with the topic exploited. A well-presented image can summarize a group of data related to a topic. We have got several images, however we also collect from internet other images which we consider to have features corresponding to the subject to be exploited in order to illustrate our publications. We make sure that these images are free of all rights.

Do you have some improvement projects regarding visual graphic communication?

We are also planning to improve within couple of days our images’ data bank working with photography professionals and learning this discipline. Target is currently contacting a professional photographer to train some agents in this discipline. This will surely have an impact on our publications as regards both our website and social networks. And we know that digital future has proven to be mainly based on images and perfect colors, thus we are planning to develop our images presentations by adapting them with a unique corporate graphic to be used by Target SARL.

Friday, April 1, 2016 - 19:07