Target: Widening clients and partners panel


Since this year, Target has got a Business Development Department. Divine Kawaya is in charge of this department. For Target website readers, she is actually explaining objectives appointed by the Management to be taken care by her department. And this is her daily charges in order to reach the appointed goals. Interview.

What did motivate the creation of this department?

The creation of Business Development was motivated by Target desire to widen its clients and partners’ panel as well for local scope as for foreign countries, thus increasing its visibility by giving more priority to B2B contacts instead of only communicating in unilateral means through internet and social networks. A mini research conducted by TARGET towards some decision – makers showed that the Agency was definitively not famous and the concept of market researches less comprehended. Therefore it becomes required to change the approach. 

What are your daily charges?

Our daily tasks are first of all based on net review, written media or magazine in order to dig out new opportunities or TARGET potential partners. Then comes monitoring of current dossiers (i.e. appointments with potential clients, tracking down though phone calls or email, following proposals already sent to clients… as well as responses from received mail. Finally, there are meetings or visits to be carried out at potential clients’ places.

Does Target have currently means of getting more widened?

At this stage, the most important thing is to find out people (focal points) willing to walk the same path with us within different countries (gathering of surveyors and supervisors database, collecting of data on both potential countries and clients… Since without a serious and competent labor, it is difficult to be competitive in market research field. As regards financial means, we are making our best to operate under our own steam hoping to convince partners (banks) to back up our development activities as well DR Congo as in African countries (South Africa, Angola, Gabon, Cameroon, Senegal, Rwanda, Burundi…)    

One of your task is to promote Target visibility. Why is it important in Target development?

Increasing Target visibility is important because every born company is required to grow, emerge and be established as a ruler within its activity field. For that purpose, it is now a must to be known and mind-influencing, so that each time one’s thinks about market research or consulting should directly connect it to Target.

What is done in this field?

Generally, we are using media, and especially internet since it is the media allowing to easily reach our target (decision – makers). To also increase our visibility, Target participates to several events allowing us to meet with a maximum of people: events related to Chambers’ of commerce, conferences and workshops… we also organize events such as (after work, conferences within universities or with journalists, presentation of researches’ results…)        

Your activities were more focused on companies’ world and very less directed towards NGOs and International Organizations. What do you intend to perform in that field?

We already started contacting some NGOs, through email or phone calls first of all by sending them our presentation as well as proposal of services that we could likely provide them with. The next step would be that of meeting with them based on results of a research that Target intends to publish by August 2016, on perception of international NGOs by Congolese people on a sample of 1000 people within main cities of DR Congo.

Friday, July 8, 2016 - 14:33