Target will publish a series of opinion surveys during the second half – year 2017


Target agency is getting ready to publish from next month opinion surveys that will cover all the 26 provinces of DR Congo. These surveys will deal with several questions related to daily life of Congolese people in order to underline main tendencies on these questions.

Several topics will be approached in these opinion surveys especially what Congolese people are expecting from Government, banking facilities, perception of both public and private companies, sanitation issues, public key – personalities preferred by Congolese people etc…

As regards Congolese concerns, the survey shall start from a scale of fifteen concerns to specify those considered by Congolese people as the most important. These data will allow establishing parallelism between Congolese people expectations and actions taken by Government.

Beyond these questions, another survey will also deal with issues related to banking facilities. It will especially be about assessing knowledge that Congolese people possess concerning banks operating in DR Congo and opinion they have regarding these banks. The research will first of all approach practical aspects such as related to owning bank accounts, types of bank accounts for those who own them… All these questions will allow having an accurate idea of the level of trust that Congolese people put in banks.

Besides level of trust put on banks, perception that Congolese people have as regards both private and public companies will also be included in another survey. Based on a sample of thirty companies operating in private and public sectors, Congolese people will be asked to judge actions taken by these companies and establish a list of companies that are considered as the best in different fields. 

Concerning health – related questions, in another survey, respondents will be asked to assess the level of threats concerning four sicknesses: malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and Ebola. 

Surveys will also deal with several other questions that better allow understanding Congolese people experience.

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In 2017, Target published the first edition of ‘’media audience in DRC’’ which consisted in giving an overview of media landscape in each of 26 DRC regions a

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