Target Women's Inspiring stories during the 08 March celebration


Target Sarl women attended a corporate lunch celebrating International Women's Rights Day on March 08th at Pullman Hotel.

An opportunity for women to share their experiences and to receive enthusiastic encouragement. Dressed in African fabric, these women came from several companies and were deeply humbled by a warm welcome in a cheerful environment.

More than just a celebration, this moment allowed the women to reflect on maintaining a balance between work and home life. Also, how to develop self-confidence to reach your goals and realize your dreams.

As per the agenda, Mrs. Marie-Chantal KANYINDA and Espérance BELAU LILA delivered two inspiring speeches.

Ms. Marie-Chantal Kanyinda, Vice President of Glencore DRC, outlined her career in the mining sector, one of the sectors dominated by men, but she was able to break through. She invited women to consider themselves, first of all, as human beings entitled to be respected.

She emphasized the importance of choosing the right partner for life because it plays a significant role in the success of a woman's professional life. " You have to choose your spouse well and share ambitions at the beginning of your life together ".

For Marie-Chantal Kanyinda, a woman can be successful in her career and still be present in her home. The story of her journey was enough to show women the importance of involving and considering the family in all decisions related to their careers.

Mrs. Espérance BILAU, the second speaker, is the symbolic figure of courage and determination for some. Her fascinating journey has demonstrated how a woman's perseverance positively impacts her children's success.

As a farmer, she was able to give the best of herself to survive and give meaning to her children's lives. She relied on her predecessor's idea to show women that the choice of a good partner is necessary for a successful career.

Furthermore, a raffle was organized to allow the women to enjoy themselves. At the end, Pullman Hotel awarded the randomly selected winners several prizes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 15:38