Tatiana Djoli: “Target makes DR Congo participates into the world survey WIN/Gallup”


Tatiana Djoli working as Research Specialist within Target. During years, she gained a strong experience in quantitative researches. Surveys conducted by Target in partnership with WIN/Gallup since last year has been achieved through her. In this interview, Tatiana Djoli is slightly unveiling some aspects of Target – WIN/Gallup surveys.  

Since last year, Target participates into the world survey “End of the Year” of WIN/Gallup. Why?

Each year, Win Gallup International conducts an “END OF THE YEAR SURVEY” throughout the world via members of the agencies. As a member, Target participates into this survey but also for having a worldwide visibility. Through this world survey, Target demonstrates that it works in line with International Standards established for achieving market researches.   

What is Target contribution in the progress of these WIN/Gallup surveys?  

The main Target contribution is DR Congo participation via Target (underling that it is the biggest central Africa country and the second biggest country of Africa) within this world survey. Two years ago, Win Gallup could only publish data related to some African areas such as the Maghreb, East coast of Ethiopia, West and South Africa. It is thanks to Target membership into Win Gallup in 2015 that today we can have access to Central Africa opinions with DR Congo that is the biggest country.

Is Target involved into data collection, their processing and analysis or in only one section of these stages?   

For the achievement of this survey, Target firstly intervenes in definition of sampling by taking care of database from several sources (National Institute of Statistics, CENI “Independent National Mechanism for Elections”, national surveys…) of sampling representativeness in order to extrapolate the survey results over the entire Congolese population. Then briefing stage of teams on methodology to apply (explanation on installation and use of Kobocollect in smartphones, selection of respondents, sampling of study, study instructions) and understanding of questionnaire. At the end of briefing, all surveyors must pass through interviews tests and send them to Studies’ Officer for checking.

Finally back-check stage or quality control of collected data. For ensuring compliance with methodology and best quality control, capture of GPS coordinates has been incorporated into questionnaire for a good monitoring of teams on field. All interviews are recorded in phones of surveyors and are progressively sent to IT team for data synchronization. At the end of field activities, all data are merged together and sent under SPPS to WIN Gallup that will produce global report (of all countries).  

Processing and analysis of data is done by Target when it comes to producing and disseminating specific results related to DR Congo.            

In which DR Congo areas do conduct this worldly study?

This survey is conducted in all provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2015, field activities have been carried out throughout the 11 former provinces; this year we considered the new administration with 26 provinces. In each province, field activities have been carried out in the main city and a surrounding rural town.   

Who does publish WIN/Gallup world studies’ results, Target or WIN/Gallup itself?

The global study results are progressively published by WIN Gallup via press releases to be relayed into each country by agencies – members. WIN Gallup also offers to agencies – members, possibility of publishing detailed results of country through a specific report. Target is actually doing that in DR Congo. 

What is the targeted audience of WIN/Gallup world studies’ results and what are they using them for?

Win Gallup studies’ results are destined to natural persons as well as legal persons (companies, organizations, organisms…) interested to know points of view of world public opinion on given current events. In fact, surveys are destined to improve understanding and/or decision making.    

Are results of these studies payable of free of charge? How to get them?

Results published by Win Gallup via press releases are completely free of charge and accessible through internet or via members. After that WIN Gallup has published on a given topic, Target is sharing results via its website (www.target-sarl.cd), its Facebook and LinkedIn pages (Target SARL) as well as on its Twitter account (@TargetSARL). Anyone interested in WIN Gallup surveys results can get them on internet.


Friday, December 23, 2016 - 07:33