Two Global Leaders with Very Different Global Perceptions


New research from WIN shows that when it comes to global leaders there are two leaders who have significantly higher recognition than others.  President Obama is significantly more admired around the world than anyone else, while President Putin divides opinion.

Almost three in five (59%) of those polled throughout 65 countries around the world hold a favourable view of outgoing US President Barack Obama.  Slightly fewer than one in three (29%) view him unfavourably.   Despite recently seen taking the fight on with ISIS in Syria, President Putin splits opinion with one in three (33%) viewing him favourably but 43% viewing him unfavourably.  However, when looking at the two most populous countries in the world President Putin remains increasingly popular.

President Obama fares particularly well in South Asia (76%), in the EU countries (67%), Latin America (65%), Sub Saharan Africa (65%) and East Asia (65%).    However, throughout the MENA region his favourability plummets to 33%.   President Putin on the other hand is most popular in the ex-Soviet States (55%) but significantly more unpopular in EU-Europe (67%) and North America (65%)   

2015 Time Magazine Woman of the Year German Chancellor Angela Merkel ranks as the second most popular of ten global leaders polled; 42% hold a favourable view of her, 29% unfavourable.   She also appears to unite both Western and Eastern Europe where her popularity is matched in both regions – 48% and 49% favourability respectively. Ironically she is significantly more popular among males (45%) than females (39%). British Prime Minister David Cameron ranks third – 37% holding a favourable view towards him, 28% unfavourable.   Cameron polls particularly well in South Asia (53%) and North America (46%).   

Jean-Marc Leger, President of WIN said:                     

“Firstly, there are two leaders with significantly more awareness than others.  While President Obama’s popularity at home has struggled in recent years, on the world stage he remains the most popular leader.  President Putin on the other hand is much admired at home and in the largest country in the world but globally his reputation is less favourable.” 

Below the results of three early leaders praised the study in the DRC in the different cities.

US President Barack Obama

Chinese President Xi Jinping

French President Francois Hollande

The interviewees were also expressed on the perspective of 2016, their perception of international organizations, the administration of vaccines and many other subjects.

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