Voting intents in Kalemie


Target Sarl announces the results for Kalemie, the capital of Tanganyika, in addition to previous publications on voting intentions for the local elections in Kamina, Kolwezi, and Lubumbashi.

The results show that the voting intentions in Kalemie are very clear and the local population is very determined and already has a clear idea of the candidates they will vote for.

A total of 55% of people named their potential candidates, compared to 17% of those who don't know who to vote for and 16% of those who are undecided. According to these results, the game is still wide open for candidates who want to position themselves for the next elections. The opposition is clearly in the majority, with 32% against 23%, although the leader of the list is a member of the Union Sacrée de la Nation (14%). This is Christian Kitungwa, who attracts all kinds of people, especially young people (18-34).

The next most popular candidates are three from the opposition, including two from Moise Katumbi's Ensemble pour la République and one from the PPRD.

They are: Papy MM (10%), most cited by young people and seniors with 14% and 10% respectively. Kabongo Boniface is most cited by the 50+ age group with 10%. The same trend can be seen in the figures for other age groups between 18 and 49.

Zoé Kabila, the former governor of Tanganyika Province, is remarkably more popular among men than among women, 5% versus 2%, with a high figure for the 35-49 age group.

On the other hand, Vicky Katumwa of AFDC (USN) is widely mentioned by women (6%) versus men (1%), with a notable score among those aged 35 and over (6%).About. 2% of respondents do not yet have a clear opinion on the choice to be made in the December polls, with the 35-49 age group the most numerous at 18%. However, more people aged 25 and over say they have no candidate to vote for.

The objectives of the survey are to find out how effectively the population participates in the upcoming elections, the factors that influence the choice of candidates for provincial deputies, the ideal candidate to vote for, and the types of speeches that meet the population's expectations.

It was conducted from May 11 to 25, 2023, in the 4 provincial capitals of Greater Katanga, with a sample of 1,200 people.
The full study on voting intentions in Greater Katanga is available to order (

Monday, July 24, 2023 - 17:16