Women's choices and leadership


Following the recent article about the favorite influencers and personalities of the Kinois results, Target Sarl was interested in women's leadership. It was, in line with the ending of March, dedicated to women.

The emphasis is mainly on women's choices in media, sports, music, and comedy but also on why women seldom choose as their peers.

Men's leadership remains prevailing, despite women's participation in many public and private areas.

As an exception in the influencer category, women chose 13% of female personalities as their favorite influencers compared to only 9% who chose men. This relatively high score is because female influencers are much more likely to address topics that are essentially female and that strongly meet women's interests rather than men's.

It is worth noting that in the music category, women were widely mentioned but did not make the top of the list. Among them, the singer L'or MBONGO is in the first line with 39%, followed by Rebo Tchulo (15%) and Dena MWANA (10%).

Women's favorite personalities, however, were mentioned less by their female peers (9%), while those who mentioned men as their favorite personalities represented 83%.

In the same way, as in comedy/humor, women chose their peers less than men. Eighty-six percent of their preferences were for men and only 5% for women. Of this small number of short-listed women, Maman KALUNGA is in the first position with 60%.

The same trend is in the media; women chose men (33%) against 15% of their peers' preferences. Men, on the other hand, primarily preferred male personalities (61%). At the top of the list of women's choices was Mamie ILELA (34%).

In sports, for example, no women were mentioned among the athletes. Overall, 50% of women cited men in this category.

Women are not interested in sports in Kinshasa. On the other hand, they are found in several disciplines, including football, tennis, basketball, and Nzango.

Women have also achieved many remarkable feats in sport, the most recent of which is the qualification of the senior women's Leopards for the finals of Afro-basketball Rwanda 2023 after defeating the Panthers of Gabon.

Global results from this aspect of women's leadership show that women do not readily believe in the talents of their peers, which leads to mistrust and latent rivalry among women.

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