The world became divide over immigration issue


At the world level, WIN/Gallup study shows that the opinion became divided over immigration issue. On the 69 countries whereas study has been conducted, public opinion within 42 countries is against immigration while this latter gained the favor of 27 countries.

When we ask them the question to know: “generally speaking, do you think that immigration of expatriate workers is a good or bad thing?” 57% of respondents in the world reacted that it is a good thing while 32% of respondents think that it is a bad thing. 

The study also shows that globalization, possibilities of travelling and dwelling abroad divided the world into three groups: poor countries whereas the majority people are supporting immigration, countries with average and high income (with a yearly income located between 10 000 and 35 000 USD) whereas the majority of people are against immigration and wealthy nations whereas opinions are still divided amongst supporters of immigration and those who are against it.   

Significant differences on immigration issue have also been noticed, in line with respondents’ age. Thus people under 35 years old are generally more favorable to immigration than people over 55 years old. On the other hand, in the same considered regions, poor people are more opposed to immigration than wealthy people.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 18:19