Our portfolio of activities

  • Qualitative Studies:  Understand the attitudes and the motivations of a limited group of the population. The data collection is carried out using technics such as Focus Group, In-depth interviews, Brainstorming, Consumer Immersion and ethnographies.
  • Quantitative Studies: Describe the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of a representative sample of a population using figures, tables and graphs. Data are harvested using techniques such as such as Face to Face Interview with paper (PAPI), Phone Interview (CATI, Call Center), Computer Interview (CAPI), Interview through mobile (CAMI), Interview through the Web (CAWI) or Location Interview (CLT)
  • Des research: Aims to collect previously available information on a specific subject, field or market, particularly through archives, official publications, the Internet or experts. In order to explore an issue or to prepare a comprehensive study phase.
  • Opinion poll: Evaluate the views of a representative sample of the population of a country, region or city on a given subject such as citizen concerns, HIV / AIDS, good governance, democracy, Politico-economic environment, religion, financial inclusion, sexual violence…


  • Market exploration: organization of appointments with potential clients or partners, field visits, legal conditions for carrying out activities, administrative procedures, business plan, etc.
  • Development of the offer: concept tests, market positioning, brand image, pricing policy, distribution network …
  • Consulting in marketing and strategies: customer or partner research, customer management, campaign development / monitoring, media plans, competition management, etc.
  • Capacity building: specialized training (market research, negotiation techniques, customer management, digital communication, etc.), organization of conferences and symposiums
  • Human resources: recruitment of consultants, provision of personnel (investigators, encoders, salespeople, call center agents,…)