Target committed to the UN Global Compact


It has been two years since Target joined The Global Compact, a United Nations initiative launched in 2000, aims to encourage companies around the world to adopt a socially responsible attitude by committing to integrate and promote several principles relating to human rights, international labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

Several clear actions have been taken to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to act following the principles of the Global Compact Network.

Compliance with labor standards

Women's involvement steadily grows at Target. A management commitment to the sustainable development goal of gender equality and women's empowerment. To meet this commitment, Target has hired three more women in the project department (customer specialist, qualitative analysts), two in administration, and one in the IT department. A woman has been appointed to a leadership position in the Project Department, Field Assistant. Women's participation in the different departments has increased the number of permanent employees from 6/12 to 11/20 from 2019 to 2020, i.e. from 50% to 55% of women.

Moreover, in the application of the principle related to all forms of forced and compulsory labor, Target always proceeds by obtaining the prior agreement and availability of its staff before any assignment. All employees are required to read and sign the terms and conditions of employment before the performance of a specific job. There are no exclusive jobs for men or women.

Environmental protection 

In the scope of environmental protection, Target uses more e-mails for employee and partner communication, which reduces the use of paper. For surveys, Target uses more CAPI, a mode of questionnaire administration that makes use of scripts in smartphones instead of paper questionnaires.

Minimizing the use of paper in favor of digital technology has accelerated workflow while promoting teamwork via electronic systems and faster data transmission. With the reduced use of paper, offices have become less cluttered, thus creating a healthy, airy environment for work.

Labor law 

At Target, the company CSB, which specializes in management coaching, was called in to help strengthen employees' skills. All managers were given a series of management training.

The introduction of new working tools in the IT department, such as the automatic data processing file, enabled us to closely monitor the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic since April 2020 by publishing six waves of studies.

To maintain employees' health, a minimum service was established during the Gombe lockdown decision by the Congolese authorities in April 2020. Therefore, remote working was introduced and barrier gestures (wearing masks, keeping distance between colleagues, and keeping disinfectant gel within reach) were strictly respected as soon as coming back to the office was allowed.


As a partner of GLOBAL COMPACT, Target also participates in anti-corruption initiatives by rejecting bribes, falsification results obtained after data processing. We believe in doing the job right and publish the results as they are interpreted. Still in this option, Target distributed throughout its network some hundreds of anti-corruption flyers from GLOBAL COMPACT DRC. 

Human rights

The contribution of Target consisted in conducting a Human Rights survey among the population. Results were then published and available to all partners.

Click on this link to see the full Target activity report:

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