Target and the CCIFC organize a market research training


The market research company Target, and the Franco-Congolese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFC), organize from October 6 to 8, 2021, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the CCIFC headquarters in Kinshasa, a second training session on market research for entrepreneurs, companies, and other corporate marketing managers. Serge Mumbu, Target’s General Manager, will be the coach.


As in the first edition last June, this training session aims to reduce the risks and uncertainties in the companies' investments and know what kind of market research to carry out for better understanding their organizations' specific situation. This training module shall help companies set their business objectives more realistically and evaluate their chances of success because market research will allow better decision-making. They will constitute a good source of information for the participants to know the targeted markets, the needs and expectations of the potential customers, and the proposed product or service suitability.


Target and the CCIFC will provide the participants with the basic conceptions on market research designed in three parts.


The first part will focus on the introduction to market research, definition, role, and importance, and the types of studies to conduct according to the different situations of a company. This part will also talk about the ESOMAR standards, which is the association of market research professionals and the steps to follow to carry out market research: from the problem identification to the final report writing.


The second stage will deal with the realization of quantitative research through the following topics: the constitution of a work team, principles of questionnaire elaboration, choice of the data collection method, sample selection, sample types, quantitative data analysis, processing and the presentation of the results (what should be included in the report of the exhibition).


And the third part of the course will talk about how to conduct a qualitative study with the following points: Constitution of a work team, the steps of the elaboration of an interview guide, the choice of the qualitative data collection method, the analysis of the data and production of the results.


The first edition of this training partnership between Target and the CCIFC had seen the participation of business executives from the communication industry, banking, cosmetics, trade, and distribution. These last ones had benefited from essential knowledge which helps them today in their various fields.


The participation fee is $330 for CCIFC members and $375 for non-CCIFC members. All candidates willing to participate in this training can contact the Franco-Congolese Chamber of Commerce by email at or by phone at +243840583175.

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