Target: “Working with international organizations, a successful gamble in 2018”


2018 brought new experience in Target agency.  At the beginning of this year, the Agency set as one of the major purposes, working or obtaining contracts for the account of international organizations in order to increase its experience.  Thanks to the Project Department well done job, it is a successful gamble.  

Hortense MBUMBA, the Officer in charge of Research and Project Department at Target confirms it. “One of our objectives set in 2018 was to get into International organizations’ environments. Till now, they were opaque structures in terms of access. Since in more than 5 years of existence, it was not easy to work with such structures. Now it is just a successful gamble.” 

Thanks to its collaboration with an agency of which HQ is established in Europe, the agency gained access to its first international contract for the year 2018, with the World Bank. It was a project of six months. I.e. from February to August 2018”, as stated by Target Project Manager.

Still within International organizations’ field, the agency signed a second contract with another American company. According to the Head of Projects and Research Department, the collaboration with this company shall be running over one year.  

She lets us know that the department is also happy about the fact that it succeeds to have a database of moderators during 2018. For Kinshasa as well as in Provinces, especially in Sud – UBANGI, Kasai Oriental (at Mbuji – Mayi), in Haut – Katanga (Lubumbashi) and at Sud – Kivu (BUKAVU).

During the same year, we also have to report the increase of all external consultants or collaborators of Target with positive impact on the agency production.

“The increase of our teams resulted in meeting deadlines agreed with clients, the effectiveness in achieving works with the possibility to take care of 5 projects per months with various clients. No claims, neither in terms of meeting deadlines of reports’ delivery, nor in terms of performance of teams, not even as regards quality of collected information have been recorded as feedback from our partners that trusted us during this year”. Added the Project Manager.

She is ensured that results gotten in 2018 will serve as triggers for other clients to trust our agency in the future.  

“By working with international organizations, we needed to deal with worries and reservations that some of potential clients could express, since from now on we have got several strong international references. And for the client, this is important; it is a way of being ensured, it is like a guaranty that they need.”

In view of the job achieved by her department, she considers that “2018 has been a year of increase in terms of experience. Especially, teams of consultants that have been formed.”

Concerning forecast, The Research & Project Department set 2019 as a year of “performance in internal organization.”

This performance will have to be achieved through:  

  • Keep on working for increase of database of Target teams in all the provinces as well as countries of intervention by aiming at achievement of at least one study in each country of intervention every three months. SO in that way, for Congo – Brazzaville, it is already taken as granted. One Study is conducted each month;
  • Capacity building of consultants and Target permanent staff, since technicalities of research in market studies are permanently changing due to technological progress. Starting by MS – Project software that allows having good planning in order to make a good job. Considering that planning is the key of success for any organization;

In its agenda 2019, The Studies & Projects Department is planning to make more dynamic and real, the organization of young people that joined the project “Young Esomar’’. Starting by interesting Target consultants but also by opening this organization to other young people that work in other companies and to students, through specific meetings in order to invite them to become members.

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