Target rewords its best employees and collaborators in 2018


In its quest of performance and innovation, Target agency puts into its working rule, rewords for employees that stand out from other employees through their qualities which make progress the Job during a working year. The year 2018 was fruitful in terms of objectives that the Agency set as goals to achieve. This global result is the fruit of all collaborators. Some of them standed out while achieving their tasks.

In the category of permanent collaborators, one employee standed out from the crowd in 2018, while in the category of consultants, four collaborators emerged during the same year.

In the category of permanent employees of the Agency, Arlette LEMBOU, Senior Market Analyst within Target is the best employee of the year 2018.

Arlette standed out from the crowd through her professionalism, her very good collaboration with other members of the team; her very remarkable contribution in terms of quotations and reports have been very appreciated; further, her humility leads her to always consult others in spite of her rich international experience. Tenacious, she does not forsake a project as long as the client is not yet satisfied. 

Another interesting characteristic of Arlette is her capability to give consultants responsibilities, making them useful thus showing them consideration. She easily creates a friendly atmosphere allowing her to take advantage of the best of consultants.

Her good language skills in both French and English allow Target having a significant tool to satisfy clients.

In the category of consultants, the best surveyor of the year is Sipho BOYALE. He achieved 12 field surveys and got very good results on the whole during assessments. Embodying values such as still, politeness and great maturity, Sipho standed out from the crowd at the first quarter by the quotation “excellent” and knew how to stay on course of a well – done job. Very professional, he has got a good adaptation capacity. His dynamism and sense of following instructions are all qualities that made him the best surveyor the year.

Guillaume MATADI is the Supervisor of the year 2018. He has proven an increasing performance at each study, wherever he intervened. With a good monitoring and good coaching, he can bear greater responsibilities within Target.

He joined the supervisors’ team this year and rapidly standed out from the crowd by his way of managing his teams. He is proactive, punctual, has got good ideas, follows surveyors’ job and has got a perfect control of the field. His strong sense of responsibility is increasingly getting him closer to field – manager position.

The best Field – manager of Target in 2018 is Cherico Yangongo. Working at Mbuji – Mayi, Cherico is experienced and demonstrated his professionalism in both quantitative and qualitative studies, especially in the case of a study at Kananga where he made the moderation of focus groups and interviews even in English.

Cherico has always the will to do things right. Motivator of his team, he can bring it up to the achievement of quality job. Very dynamic and proactive, he is following the job of his teams. He has the culture of excellence in job and could easily work in other works than in his residence job.

Rodrigue NZOLOKO closed 2018 with the rewords of “IT Consultant of the year”. Rodrigue is often requested by IT Department for his confidentiality, his remarkable and meticulous job, his respect of instructions, his punctuality and legendary still. Contrary to his starting, he made a lot of progress.

Bilingual consultant, smart and very conscientious, Rodrigue is receptive to remarks and always willing to achieve a quality job.

Jeudi, 7 Mars, 2019 - 14:17