Media study DR Congo 2019 will be available soon


The market research agency Target SARL is launching data collection of its yearly publication on media within 26 provinces of DR Congo. In addition to usual tendencies to be collected, Target will adapt the mapping of media in DR Congo that it produced in 2017 in line with current realities.

A special emphasis will be put on the internet. Internet network allows sharing information through the world. What Congolese people do with this information tool? The advertisers and companies can communicate on which platform (Official website, social network, etc…) to rapidly reach Congolese people. Several other aspects of consumption of all media will be addressed in this survey.

Thus, for all media followed during these thirty days preceding the survey, respondents will be requested to indicate media supports that allowed them to follow media, their preference language for following media, specific hours they follow these media as well as usual locations to follow them.

Usual questions on preferred programmes, paying TV…shall also be addressed with Congolese people. Results of this 3rd edition of media survey DR Congo will be available from May 2019.

We are going to interview a representative sample of 1600 persons disseminated throughout 26 administrative centers of Provinces of DR Congo. The sample representativeness will ensured by the method of quota applied to the following variables: gender, age, occupation and city of residence.

You can get the study upon demand by writing to or by calling to (+243) 810 451 052.

Lundi, 6 Mai, 2019 - 17:11