Target, a reference in market research for Congolese youth


Target reserves a choice place for training of Congolese youth in market research field. This will is especially seen through numbers of interns welcomed each year in the agency for professional training.

In 2019, the agency maintained its tradition. It welcomed students attending the final year of their academic cursus for professional training.

During the first semester of the year, the agency already welcomed two groups.

The second group which is composed of nine interns, is still in the course of their professional training.

Four of them are assigned to IT department. Their common purpose is to become skillful in “Data Management”.

A part from the setting up of a telephonic local network for internal communication, and they all participate in the performance of this task. Naomie KILONDO AYEL from Institut Supérieur d’Informatique Chaminade (High Institute of IT – Chaminade ISIC in acronym) is actuality participating in the cleaning of database.

Héritier BONGOMBE MOMBO from Institut Supérieur d’Informatique, de Programmation ET Analyse (High Institute of IT, Programming and Analysis ISIPA in acronym) is participating in the production of PowerPoint presentation.

Another Student from ISIPA, Yvesse MAKABA NZIMBU is getting her professional training in encoding, treatment, cleaning and harmonization of database related to studies.

Alphonse KAMUKENJI KALONJI from ENA is taking care of the same tasks plus verification of data consistency and creation of graphics.       

In the Project department, five interns have been welcomed. Natacha LOFOLI BOTOLEANDE, Rosine PELENGE MIKOBI, Kevin KAYEMBE LUKOJI, Christian AMSINI KASEMWANA and Guillaume MATADI TSHIMPANGA.

All the five are being trained as analysts. They are trained in quality control which consists in the thorough verification of the job done by surveyors and supervisors after field work; analysis of data collected by focus group; analysis of internal results from media studies, and analysis of specific data such as verbatim after study in quality of services of telecom operators.

They are also trained in codification of open answers. The first test to which they were submitted for that purpose was a survey on the use of a distributor of TV cable channels and a question on the possibility of doing business in DR Congo.

Beyond this coaching, Guillaume is also assigned in the proofreading of some reports and publications as well as establishment of media mapping in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With such a strongly – growing demand, the agency is getting ready to welcome more interns in the days to come.

You can also be welcomed as an intern for professional training within Target, feel free to write us at for more details. 

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